Kaizen Life Skills Organization is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization  established to assist youth with their social development in the Washington, D.C. area. Many of today’s youth are not receiving the necessary life skills needed to face the many challenges in the world we live in. The goal of Kaizen Life Skills is to help our area youth to become positive, well-rounded members of society by providing them social and economic skills necessary to take on the world!

Many youth in the District grow up in single-parent homes, where the parent works long hours. This leads to severely reduced family socializing time, and many children acquiring their social skills from television or their peers. The lack of social skills and self-awareness often manifests itself in use of profanity, inappropriate attire and disrespect to others.

Getting a job is more challenging than ever. During these tough economic times, youth need to be prepared to manage their personal finances to survive. Without the necessary financial management skills, coupled with the lack of job readiness skills, young adults find it difficult to secure employment and become financially independent.

Instructors teach courses in Respect, Conflict Resolution, Money Management, Job Readiness and Social Etiquette and Self-awareness. These vital life skills are taught in a safe and stress-free environment to foster positive outcomes. We also facilitate customizable programs for individual groups or organizations as needed.

We strive to promote skills to give area youth a sense of pride and accomplishment as they journey on their path to adulthood and reassert a sense of hope in their future.

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Youth participants in the Kaizen Life Skills! Kaizen Life Skills is devoted to making a difference in the community. 



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